The centre of your workspace is your desk, we begin here and move outwards creating agile spaces that can be tailored to the tasks in hand.

Flomotion specialise in active working, offering everything from adjustable standing desks and ergonomic seating through to biophilic design.

Healthy and happy

At Flomotion, we don’t just sell the best height-adjustable sit-stand desks and chairs to keep you moving. We’re here to help you change the way you work, help you move more and transform how you feel from now on!

We design workplaces that work better for you. Creating an environment where you can excel.

Think better. Feel motivated. Be more productive. A kind of stress reduction approach that keeps you on your toes for a healthier, happier you.


Flomotion best sellers

Height adjustable sit-standing desk with white laminate desktop from Flomotion

White Laminate Desk

from £550

HAG Capisco Office chair for active working from Flomotion

HAG Capisco 8106

from £699

Extra wide under desk drawer with removable pen tray

Extra Wide Desk Drawer

from £85

Desks to keep you moving more

At Flomotion we offer the best Danish design height adjustable desks with reclaimed timber, solid wood and bamboo desktops that are all handmade by craftsmen in the UK. Laminate and veneer desktop options are available too!

Chairs & stools for active sitting

Award-winning ergonomic seating that will keep you active. HAG Capisco chairs encourage sitting in numerous ways and are the perfect partner along with Aeris stools for sit, stand and perch working.

Aeris Muvman stool for workplaces and home offices
HAG Capisco Ergonomic Office Chairs from Flomotion
HAG SoFi ergonomic office chairs with slide back armrest option

Accessories complete the look

From fully flexible monitor arms, extra wide clutter clearing pen drawers and mats to make your feet flex. We have everything you need to create the perfect ergonomic workspace. 

Cable trays for height adjustable desks
Extra wide under desk drawer
Gas lift single monitor arm
Anti-fatigue standing mat for height adjustable desks
Standing desk castors

Standing desks: The definitive buying guide

We think you’ll agree with us when we say that choosing the right sit-stand desk can be a bewildering experience! The best part is we spent six months researching frames so you don’t have to and that’s not all…

The benefits of Active Working

The benefits of standing desks and sit-stand active working include being able to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your working day, increased levels of energy, focus, concentration and… 

Creative office design

If you’re ordering four or more desks, we’ll help you with some design inspiration so that you can transform your workplace into a stimulating workspace that will help everyone work better and feel inspired.

About Flomotion & our philosophy

Our aim is to help you feel more energised by transforming the way you work. We design workplaces that work better for you. Creating an environment where you can excel. Think better. Feel motivated. Be more productive. 


Flomotion are ready to help you find the best desk, chair and ergonomic accessories. Call, chat or email us anytime with questions and queries or if you’d like more information about our custom design service.

Aura sit-stand desk with black laminate desktop variable height office furniture


Everything is delivered free to (almost) any address within mainland UK, so the price you see is the price delivered to you. For your convenience, we also offer a full set-up service so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Aura height adjustable standing desk with reclaimed scaffold desktop industrial office furniture


Flomotion guarantee everything we sell and the warranty that goes with them.  If there is ever a problem rest assured that we provide the very highest level of service, one that we would like to receive in the same circumstance.

Contemporary home office

Desks for home offices and garden studios, whether they’re small spaces or something larger. Helping you create a workspace where you feel engaged and inspired, with the freedom to move and be your best.

Solid wood & reclaimed timber

Sit standing desks with gorgeous solid wood desktops made-to-order by hand, by craftsmen in the UK. Teamed with top quality Danish design height adjustable desk frames – the perfect combination.

Desktop only option

If you’re wanting to change the look of your office or upgrade your desktop we offer a wide range of solid wood and bamboo desktops that are available to order separately.

Frame only option

Do you have a desktop you can’t bear to part with or would you prefer to make your own? Our height adjustable frame is telescopic and can accommodate any top, up to 2m long and 1m wide.

Convert your desk

Turn your existing desk into a sit-stand desk with our collection of desk risers from Ergotron. Simple and straight forward to use straight out of the box. Easily moved and perfect for use with contract furniture.

Reclaimed wood desks

Add a bit of originality to your office with our industrial style desks and reclaimed wood tops. Retaining plenty of character, notches and nicks from a previous life, the 35mm boards are flush joined to provide a smooth, continuous surface. 

Solid walnut desks

Beautifully crafted solid walnut, the ultimate for style and the desk. Walnut can range from light brown to dark chocolate and purplish-black with a cream coloured sapwood. The middle of the tree produces the darker wood. 

Bamboo desks

Our solid bamboo desktops are made in the UK and feature gorgeous edge details, rich tones, and subtle grain variation finished with a flat matt lacquer.  Available in three colours natural, caramel and density bamboo and two thickness options.

HAG Capisco chairs

The award winning HÅG Capisco saddle chair collection offers more active sitting postures than any other ergonomic chair we know off, and no other chair is as well suited to working at the different levels that an adjustable standing desk allows.

Adjustable stools

Ergonomic stools work well in offices as well as laboratories, studios, salons and shops. With height adjustability, swivel and castor options enjoy the freedom to move and engage muscle groups more like abs and back muscles.

Laminate desks

Laminate standing desks. Laminate is probably the most common and widely used surface material for office furniture and sit-stand desks. Hard-wearing, waterproof and easy to clean.

Happy Flomotion customers and reviews

We strive for extra happy (and healthy) customers who are bowled over not only by our products and service
but also our continued service and support in helping them make the most of active working.

Flomotion customers embracing active working with height adjustable desks, desk converters and adjustable seating