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Desks that turn small habits into big changes. Here you’ll find case studies all about active working. We would like to thank our customers for sharing their experiences of what they see as the benefits of using a standing desk and moving more.

Updated on a regular basis, our case studies feature people working in a variety of industries: barristers and solicitors, accountants, designers, photographers, architects, customers in education, media, marketing and digital technology.

Our mission is to help customers transform the way they feel at work. Feel energised, move more, sit less: improving posture, productivity, health and wellbeing.

The User Story – Case Study

We had the idea of inviting someone from the Norwich tech industry to write an honest, warts and all review about their experience of sit-stand active working.

We wanted to try and gain more of an insight into the particular problems and challenges facing this industry when it comes to sitting for a long time and sedentary working. And to see whether active working would help improve posture, energy levels, productivity and general wellbeing.

We approached Tom Haczewski from the User story – a high profile user experience design agency  and he liked the idea. Katie Fisher was chosen to take part in the month long trial. A Skyflo sit-stand desk was provided along with a HÅG Capisco ergonomic chair.


The brief was to follow our 40-2 movement programme as closely as possible. This involved taking a pause every 40 mins, a micro-break and to change position between sitting, perching and standing.

The 40-2 helps build more movement into your day by following a very simple stretching routine, incorporate walking and standing meetings,  2-3 mins of exercise a couple of times a day to get your heart rate up. The use of a deep breathing exercise to help with stress and to help build postural awareness.  

Thank you Katie.

Does a standing desk make a difference?

Katie Fisher, UX Strategist at The User Story

For anyone working in a tech-related job it’s inevitable that you spend a lot of time in front of a screen and that can mean a lot of time sitting down. It’s usually the same every day, get to the office, grab a coffee and sit down to start your day but what you don’t always notice is that you’re there 4 hours later, fidgeting in your chair.

It’s not something I had paid much attention to before I had the opportunity to meet with Floyd at Flomotion and trial a standing desk. I was a bit sceptical at first. I mean really, how much difference could standing a bit and using a different chair be? Turns out it makes quite a difference.

Active Working 
Floyd explained why a standing desk and active working, in general, is beneficial and ran me through some of the different stretches, breathing exercises and behavioural techniques to try. While it was really interesting I still wasn’t convinced that it would make a huge difference to my day or to my health but I told myself I would commit to it and see if it genuinely made a difference.

Active Seating with the HÅG Capisco Puls
The first thing I noticed using the desk was the new chair. It was incredibly comfortable. Being up higher made a huge difference and being able to adjust it to fit your working style or comfort level was a revolution. I think I had forgotten that there are actually choices for office furniture that are not a standard swivel chair. The chair also improved my posture and I noticed it immediately, it completely removed the need or ability to slouch and slump in a chair at my desk. Being able to customise the set up of the chair also meant that if I fancied something different I could change it really easily – something that you just can’t do with a standard chair which just goes up and down a bit.

The ability to customise the chair and adjust the desk height was a real winner for me. It was just so much more comfortable being a bit higher, being able to stretch my legs and having a footrest that wrapped around the whole thing made it so easy to move around and fit my working set up to what I was doing that day.

The Flomotion 40-2 Approach
It was also invaluable to have Floyd explain some of the exercises and stretches, the importance of hydration and a few other things that you can do to keep active throughout the day. Just setting a timer is a easy and simple reminder that I needed in order to move, greatly improved my posture. I noticed when I was slouching, when I was having to lean forward to my screen and generally just when something wasn’t quite right, I was far more aware of it.

So did the sit-stand desk make a difference?
It really did. When I went back to my standard desk after the trial I noticed how much more uncomfortable it is. It felt far too low to the ground, my legs felt out of position and I had more aching from having them bent all the time. I realised how much I had been straining myself with screens at different heights and taught me valuable lessons about how to remedy the problems.

If you’re considering giving it a try I’d 100% recommend it. The insight provided by Flomotion was second to none and provided plenty of food for thought.